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                          Enterprise News
                          Enterprise News

                          Aluminum alloy decorative profiles

                          Surface Treatment Engineering Technology Research and R&D Center

                          The new casting workshop was officially put into production on October 16
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                          The company actively responds to the call of the state to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. In order to meet the needs of the company's rapid development, in order to meet the needs of the company's rapid development, the company increased the cost of investment in the new melting and casting workshop in the key sewage workshop. The first smelting furnace of the new melting and casting workshop was put into production on October 16, and several new furnaces were put into operation in the next few days. Compared with the old workshop, the new workshop has updated the floor area and equipment. The floor area of the new workshop is twice as much as that of the old workshop, which not only greatly increases the production capacity and improves the production environment, but also improves the processing level, which provides a reliable guarantee for the quality of the cast aluminum rods.

                          Three new smelting furnaces, three deep water wells, one automatic rod saw and other auxiliary equipment and facilities are now opened in the new melting and casting workshop. The main equipment of the workshop adopts the advanced technology of the industry, which not only improves the automation degree of the equipment, reduces the labor intensity of the staff, but also increases the unit production of the equipment and expands the scale. Nowadays, each furnace can smelt 36t of molten aluminum, which is 40% higher than before. The monthly output of the new workshop can reach 5000t. It is estimated that the monthly output of six furnaces will reach 12000t after all the six furnaces are put into operation at the end of the year Production provides a solid guarantee.

                          Enterprise development, environmental protection must be first, the company has been "green production, production process energy saving and pollution-free" as the principle, for the new casting this important project, starting from the production source, using natural gas instead of heavy oil as fuel, cut off the source of environmental pollution, which not only reduces the emission of sulfur (s) waste gas (reduce the casting waste gas treatment process), but also put an end to the previous Due to the incomplete combustion of heavy oil, a lot of smoke and dust are produced, which greatly improves the working environment of employees. Moreover, in the trial production, the energy saving effect of using natural gas is very obvious. 

                          Safety management is the top priority of production management. In the early stage of construction, the new casting workshop has been strictly designed and considered, and the final plan is to improve the degree of automation of the equipment, so that the staff can be as far as possible away from the inevitable safety hazards. The specific method is to melt, refine, cast, saw rod, rub ash and other production processes, many positions do not need staff to face high temperature aluminum (liquid aluminum) or aluminum chips in close proximity, which greatly improves the safety factor of staff operation, and lays a solid foundation for the sustainable and stable development of the company.

                          In the past year, from the production of spraying vertical line, polishing electrophoresis, Crystal Swimming new surface development, to increasing extrusion machines to expand production scale, and to the successful production of new melting and casting workshop, it shows that yaoyinshan aluminum industry has been constantly improving and developing, which shows that Xinyin people have been making unremitting efforts to build yaoyinshan into a first-class enterprise in China.


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