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                          Enterprise News
                          Enterprise News

                          Aluminum alloy decorative profiles

                          Surface Treatment Engineering Technology Research and R&D Center

                          Annual meeting of doors, windows and curtain walls: Xinyin aluminum is sincerely invited to gather in Pazhou to win the future
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                          From March 8 to 10, the 3-day "22nd national aluminum doors and windows curtain wall Exhibition" will be opened in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. It is reported that the exhibition area of this Expo reaches 80000 square meters, with more than 550 exhibitors participating. It is estimated that more than 52000 professional visitors from home and abroad will attend the exhibition, and 15000 new products will be displayed by participating enterprises. Guangdong yaoyinshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. will continue to make joint efforts to bring dozens of new surfaces of Xinyin brand aluminum profiles, and various products such as swing door, art door, heavy sliding door, folding door, special-shaped window and so on. The exhibition area has reached nearly 200 square meters, and the products cover almost all kinds of aluminum profile industry.

                          Welcome new and old customers, friends from all walks of life to pay attention to...

                          The 22nd national aluminum doors and windows curtain wall new products Expo

                          Xinyin booth No.: 4c16 (2f) Hall 4

                          09:30-18:00, March 8, 2016

                          09:00-18:00, March 9, 2016

                          09:00-14:00, March 10, 2016

                          Guangdong yaoyinshan aluminum industry sincerely invites you to visit!

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